Youtube Vanced Mod APK Download [Premium/No Ads/BG Play]

Youtube Vanced Mod APK: Video streaming websites are growing in popularity these days. Millions of people turn to these websites with a definite purpose. Everyone comes to these websites according to their preferences. Someone to find their favorite song or someone to watch movies.

The goal is simply to find everything quickly and easily. There is no doubt that the role of these websites is very important in our today time. This is the reason for the popularity of these websites and of course given the current popularity we can say for sure that we will see a further increase in the popularity of these websites. One of these websites is called YouTube Vanced.

In Depth Review of Youtube Vanced Mod APK

This is a modified version of YouTube With unlimited and excellent features and countless utilities. It provides all the necessary features that we find on YouTube for the convenience of the users. Its prominent Functions are like Background Playback, No Ads, Pop up windows, and Dark Mode, etc.

Advertising prevention is certainly not in our hands in any of the applications but when it comes to this application, you will be able to see all your time in this process without ads. Change play background speed as per your requirement and Permission to force HDR playback or turn off 60 fps it counts among the basic features.

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YouTube vanced also offers you the ability to zoom any video content. You can view the performance of your video with more clarity using any zooming option. Now it is very easy to change the color of background by using this video streaming website. This cool application allows you to change the color of your favorite in this case.

If you think that using YouTube vanced will not allow you to see the original YouTube in your devices, this is not the case. You will be able to view both applications in your mobile at your own convenience. Let’s take a look at how this app is leading the way in offering more and more features to their users.

Top Features Youtube Vanced Mod APK

  • Easy to adjust volume and brightness control
  • Permission to use popular video platforms for streaming
  • Easily listen to side-by-side video while using mobile
  • Convenience of enabling and disabling ads
  • ‘Repeat video’ option in image details
  • Central user interface features
  • Listening to music or audio in the background Vanced background with video playback
  • Save video in Offline mode
  • Enable / Disable video annotations and suggestion card
  • No Root Needed
  • Change video speed and resolution
  • Picture-in-Picture mode

Pro and Cons YouTube Vanced APK


  •  Completely secure in terms of security
  •  Completely compatible with all types of devices
  •  Personalized playlist completion.


  •  Complaints from users about fast battery consumption during its use
  •  Interface and Linked navigation issues by users.


Is the use of YouTube vanced legal?

Of course, its use is legal.

Is it a banned in any country?

No, this has not been seen in any country.

Can YouTube vanced be used on PC or IOS?

Unfortunately you can’t use it on IOS But if you want to use it on PC; you need to install an emulator.

Is the microG application required to install YouTube vanced?

Probably yes but if you do not want to install it, then the second and easiest method is the vanced Manager.

How to download and Install?

  • Click on the download button
  • If you have difficulty, you need to enable Unknown Source in your phone’s settings.
  • Download vanced Manager; install the latest version of APK while accessing it. Once installed, proceed to install YouTube Vanced.
  • An installed vanced will appear in various settings such as language or theme. To choose from YouTube Vanced settings.
  • Open the app when finished.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Summary

So do you want to have a new experience on YouTube Vanced Mod APK? This app is waiting for you. Download it now and enjoy unlimited features without ads. You can play and download videos as soon as the screen is off. With special settings that only youtube Vanced provides, such as various themes, forced playback auto replay and lots of options. If you have any problems using it or would like to know more about it, leave a comment.

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