Best PUBG Settings: Graphics, Mobile Control, Sensitivity, Camera


This game is as difficult as it is easy to see and understand. The opening story of this game, if we look it, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy the beginning of this game. At the start of the game, 100 players landed on an island.

Your goal is to protect yourself from enemies and eliminate them. For this you will need to assemble equipment and Weapons. Survival is the goal of every player and the basic need of this game. So you have to be fully aware of the correct settings in this regard.

PUBG Settings

You have to keep your team alive to get to the final round, and you have to finish while facing the enemy. You can find different settings in the game settings section, but if you want to improve the performance of your game, so you have to choose the best settings. So let’s take look at the settings that each player will have to choose:

PUBG Basic Settings

First you need to adjust basic settings correctly. In the basic settings of PUBG, you will see the Four settings sections which are ‘Aim Assist’, ‘Firing modes’, ‘peek & fire’, ‘gyroscope. Importantly, these settings play an important role in the performance of your game, so you need to choose them better.

It is recommended to enable “Aim Assist” first. On the contrary most professional players prefer to disable it. In the second part of the same section, you need to tap “Bolt-Action / Crossbow firing mode”.

After That, next step is to “Enable Blocked sight warning”, also keep the “Shotgun firing mode Tap”. In the third part of the settings “Peek and fire Enable”. “Lean mode” Always “Tap” this section. Then “Peek and open scope” need to “Disabled”.

In the last stage “Scope mode Always keep “Tap” as well as “Display left-side fire button Always on”. In the list of basic settings for PUBG “Gyroscope Always on” to choose. These are the best recommendations of PUBG. So review your settings now and be a part of your game by keeping an eye on these settings.

PUBG Graphics settings

Each player definitely recommends better graphic settings. But sometimes these settings also need to be modified. So you can change the graphic setting to your liking, but the best settings to are:

Go to settings and choose graphics. Choose the best one for your comfort. You have to choose it based on the performance of your devices. So choose “Smooth” Because it allows you to use the highest frame rate setting.

As if our goal is to quickly find and eliminate our enemies. We have to choose the “maximum frame rate”. Our goal is to improve the performance of the game .Which is possible with a higher frame rate. So here is our advice to you Set to “Extreme”. Many players also choose “Ultra” But it totally depends on your mobile device.

Inadvertently pushing another button while opening the PubG always creates a mess for the players. So you need to keep the “3D Touch” enabled to make the controls more sensitive and useful. To avoid overloading your mobile, disable “Graphics Auto Adjust”.

PUBG Scope Settings

Most of the players preferred the color of crosshair to pink or red. To compete well and to effectively target your enemies, you need to “Change Crosshair Colour”.

PUBG Mobile Control Settings

To adjust the size and location of the button, press the “Customize” option at the bottom of the control setting. You will need to adjust this part of the settings deeply. You also need to protect your mobile phone from overheating during the gaming experience. Therefore, disabling the “Anti-aliasing” option would be helpful.

PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity settings also have your personal settings and it plays an important role in the game. So you have to choose the best settings in this case. So we will recommend the settings given to you in this case. Check the sensitivity rate on the wall and adjust the “Aim sensitivity” to your liking. “Auto Loot” is the best option in the “Loot Pickup” settings areas.

PUBG Camera Sensitivity

Third person no scope127%
First person no scope100%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist53%
Two-times scope73%
Three-times scope27%
Four-times ACOG scope17%
Six-times scope14%
Eight-times scope9%

PUBG Gyroscope sensitivity settings

Third-person no scope275%
First-person no scope275%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist280%
Two-times scope256%
Three-times scope286%
Four-times ACOG scope230%
Six-times scope70%
Eight-times scope65%

Final Words

If you are not yet the best player in Pubg, you need to change your settings. So the settings given are definitely PUBG Best settings. We hope that the settings made in the game will have a different effect. Guide us in the comments if you want to know more settings about your gaming experience.

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