PUBG Sensitivity Settings: Mobile & PC [ Camera, ADS, Gyroscope ]

PUBG Sensitivity Settings: In recent time there is a game whose users have grown rapidly all over the world in a short period of time and this game has won the Best Game of the Year award. Do you know the name of this game? Certainly it is not so difficult for anyone to guess. You know exactly what we’re talking about this is currently the popular game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

The game has grown in popularity so much and according to the latest reports, it has become the most played game this year. It is very difficult to estimate the total number of users. But even on the Google Play Store, this game has been downloaded by millions of peoples.

If we look at its early history it was first released in the PC version And after that Android and iOS versions in 2018. It is a game in which 100 players fight for survival. PUBG is a game that helps or can help one qualify for strategic thinking and risk management and all of this can certainly be made possible by the best settings.

PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Are you interested in knowing the settings of PUBG? So in today’s article we will look at the best settings which will definitely be useful for you in this game.

Role of PUBG Sensitivity in Game

There are currently 3 versions of PUBG which is PUBG PC, PUBG Lite PC, and PUBG Mobile. Whatever version you want to play whatever version you want to play, the best finish can only be done with great settings.

First of all, if we look at the settings of its sensitivity which means that configure the controls so that you can see the player’s view. It is important to know what the sensitivity settings are related to and what factors are involved like aiming, dragging, scoping, recoil, and so on. Let’s move on to the sensitivity settings:

Best PUBG Sensitivity Settings

In general, each player is free to choose their own sensitivity settings But sometimes in this case the player has difficulty in adjusting the settings Due to which, he cannot become a PRO player. Perfect settings help to control guns at short intervals and recoil as well.

Default options aren’t bad for playing, but adjusting your sensitivity creates impressive benefits for players. With the help of the best sensitivity settings, we continue our mission with the sensibility of a unique player in PUBG.

Best Camera Sensitivity

Camera sensitivity 95% – 100% which adjusts you can see how fast or slow players are around you. The default setting of TPP 95% – 100% and FPP 70% – 75% will be fine.

Tweaking the camera will change the sensitivity of the players to look around and scope. There is one final rule for this: the greater the scope, the more sensitive it will be. Set limit at this level TTP which has no capacity 95-100%, FPP has no capacity 85-90%, Red Dot, Holographic, Ad Assist: 50-55%, 2x Scope: 30- 35%, 3x scope: 20-25%, 4x scope, VSS: 15-18%, 6x scope: 10-13%, 8x scope: 10-13%.

ADS Sensitivity

ADS Sensitivity Retreat during firing helps adjust a player’s control. (TPP) with no scope: 95-100%, no scope (FPP): 85-90%, red dot, holographic, ad assist: 55-60%, 2x scope: 37-42%, 3x scope: 30-35%, 4x scope, VSS: 25-30%, 6x scope: 20-23%, 8x scope: 10-13%.


It is used to track all movements and convert them into motion while playing. No scope without TPP: 95-100%, no scope FPP: 95-100%, red dot, holographic, objective support: 90-95%, 2x scope: 120-125%, 3x scope: 60 -65%, 4x scope, VSS: 50-55%, 6x scope: 40-45%, 8x scope: 30-35.

Sum up

Do you also make these sensitivity settings part of your game? If so, you are sure to be able to carry out your mission in the best possible way. You can also change these settings according to your strategy. If you want to know more about these settings, leave a comment.

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