PUBG GFX Tool Download APK For Android & IOS Updated

PUBG GFX Tool is Officially designed for phone Player Unknown Battle Grounds. Play for free anytime, anywhere. It offers extremely fast free-to-play multiplayer action on phones. Drop-in, gear up, and compete. Avoid Epic 100 player classic battles, payload method, and fast 4v4 team death matches and zombie forms. Gather supplies and be the last person to stand out from your opponents.

Survival is key and ultimate success stands. When duty demands, fire at will! It includes a new Battle Royale title for mobile, another related game for PC and console, as well as a survival horror entertainment in 2022 that will reflect three centuries into the future PUBG universe.

Gameplay won’t be good on low-end mobile devices, so to get rid of its backwardness and poor structure; a freelance developer developed an amazing app called PUBG GFX + Tool. The main purpose of this app is to improve it so that it disrupted low-end devices. If the PUBG is not running smoothly on your device, you need to try this app once.

PUBG GFX Tool Key Features

This tool offers many unique features that allow you to easily customize PUBG Mobile. Currently, there are two versions of the PUBG Gfx + Tool, which are free and paid. In this article, we will give you the paid version (with the latest features).

Improve Gameplay

A great reason to download the PUBG GFX Tool for free to be able to unlock HDR graphics on low-end devices. Using this app, you can easily enable it to run on low-end mobile devices that are not typically designed to run it. This app has got some really good settings options that can enable or disabled according to the user’s needs and to run the game properly without any hassle.

Advanced Options

While this app comes with a lot of built-in that can apply automatically, there are a lot of options available that users can use. All you need to do is download the PUBG GFX + Tool APK, install and open this app to enable or disable your settings. You’ll find many options to improve your gameplay, such as anisotropic filtering (AF) level, MSAA level, anti-aliasing, extreme FPS level, and many more.

Easy to use interface

The features of this app may seem like something new but the interface of this app makes them easy to use. You can easily move around and change the settings to suit your needs. You can use this app’s smart widget feature to launch it without opening PUBG GFX + app every time you want to play it. Set the settings once, and enable the widget to open whenever you want to play the game by applying this idea.


Save Device Resources

This app is very small in size so it won’t consume your device’s resources so it will save them in the game itself. In addition to changing the layout and sensitivity settings from this app, you should change them within to prevent them from automatically rearranging by default. Although you can use the GFX app to change them if you want and this is another reason to download PUBG GFX + Tool for free.

100% Free and Secure

Although many apps are available on the Internet and even the Google Play Store, if you are looking for a PUBG GFX Tool then you should consider using this app. Should Pub GFX + Tool is the only app for Android devices that works without any problems and does not block your account from games. Beware of fake apps and websites that are providing GFX Tool APK or a cracked version of this app.

Graphics Improvement

PUB GFX Tool Free is a tool that allows you to significantly improve the graphics of PUBG Mobile safely and easily. Also, if your Android smartphone isn’t new enough, you can edit your graphics to reduce the resolution, and thus speed up any intervals. All in all, you can customize your graphics during the game, changing them with a single rotation. Configuring PUB Gfx Tool is very easy.

First, select the version you want to play, then choose between Global, Taiwan, Korean and Chinese releases. From there, select your desired resolution. Again, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including everything from 960×540 to mid-range smartphones, with up to 25 2560×1440 access to the market’s top tablets.

Save battery and more

Besides, the Pro Graphics Toolkit provides many features to help you improve your phone hardware. It’s effortless to use, and you don’t need much hardware knowledge. First of all, you need to choose the exact version of PUBG Mobile that you are using. Currently, there are three versions of this game, including Global, Korean and Chinese.

Increase / decrease resolution: maximize icon resolution. This format is suitable for low-end devices.

PUBG offers only three options: low, medium, and evidence.


Custom FPS: There are four levels: Default, High, Ultra, and Extreme. To get the highest FPS while running smoothly, choose the one that suits your device.

Enable / Disable Shadow: This setting is not included. Shadow Icon and FPS have a huge impact on quality. If you use low-end devices, please turn off this feature.

Some advanced settings

You can buy some advanced settings. Below the article, we have the Pro Graphics Toolkit APK (Advanced Settings) available.

Memory Boost: Improve performance

Shortcut: Now you don’t have to open the application whenever you use it. Pro graphics Toolkit is a shortcut to the main screen. When you open the game, your settings are automatically formatted with the settings used. Improving hardware capability.


Depending on the screen resolution of your phone, you can choose a lower resolution than the default setting to make it smoother. Of course, the image quality in the game will decrease.


This feature allows you to configure all the default settings, so you can change many settings until you choose the best configuration.


It permits you to enable or disable shadows of gadgets in the game. Shadow PUBG is one of the key factors affecting the ease of mobile. If you are using low-end devices, turn them off.


This is a great app when it comes to fully customize it with mobile experience, regardless of which version you choose. This app is very useful for everyone from high power Android users, who are looking for a better PUBG experience, to people with medium distance phones, who need to play it without freezing their smartphone.

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