PUBG Controller Settings: Mobile, Xbox, ps4 {Best Modern Rules}

PUBG Controller Settings: Everyone wants to be a competitive player in any game. A journey full of misery and going through various obstacles this is a player’s test in any game. That is why it is very important for every player to go through the necessary settings. Every gamer looks serious about his performance in any game but even so, the journey is not easy.

Similarly, in PUBG, each player tries to improve his performance with different methods, keeping an eye on his strategy. Whether he likes to play game on mobile or on the PC.

PUBG Controller Settings

This requires that he has adequate knowledge of all the settings. However, using the mouse and keyboard is more important than most players, but there are also some things that can enhance the fun of the game by using a controller.

A skilled player strives to maintain a good posture. But some players make using controllers a part of their game Even if you count yourself among such players So you need to use the best PUBG controller settings.

Benefit you get from Best PUBG Controller

If you want to get the most out of using it, you have to play with a little bit of equipment. You need to change your general settings to run the game better. This will help you get the smooth frame rate in the game and the best frames per second.

Best PUBG Controller settings

The number of options may confuse you when you go to settings But for a great experience, you need to make your gaming impressive. Before that it is important to know that there is a significant difference between the console settings and the PUBG PC settings. Adopting unique controller settings will surely affect the way you play your game.

The best gameplay are definitely possible with the Best settings So you can make these settings a part of your game by adjusting them to your liking. So let’s look at these settings without wasting time:

  • Controller Button Preset : Type B

This button is a priority for most professional players.

  • X and Y-Axis: Disable

If you want to change it, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Left and Right Stick Dead Zone

The dead zone setting must be the same for each stick. This will make it easier to adjust the sensitivity of your stick to the movement. If you have a permanent goal, keeping it below 10 can give you more benefits.

  • Vibration: Off

Even if you have a low dead zone setting, vibrating can make your camera work.

  • Forward Running: 10

Permission to run in a more permanent straight line

  • Movement Sensitivity: 8 to 20

Sensitivity to low mobility will allow you to move faster

  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 75 to 100

If you play with low horizontal sensitivity, you can also reduce your vertical sensitivity

  • General Sensitivity: 18

This setting applies to free view and camera

  • Vehicle Driver Sensitivity: 10

In the process of high sensitivity so, it is better to keep the layout of your car low and keep your eyes on the road

  • Aim Acceleration Rate: 4

Aim Acceleration is useful in close quarters battles by allowing you to turn faster.

Aim down sights settings

The purpose of all these sensitivities is to improve abilities to a great extent. The following ADS values ​​are excellent definitions.

Holo/Red Dot Sensitivity 3
2X Scope Sensitivity 3
3X Scope Sensitivity 3
4X Scope Sensitivity 4
6X Scope Sensitivity 5
8X Scope Sensitivity 6
15X Scope Sensitivity 8

PUBG Controller Settings

Best Gameplay settings

  • Cross-Platform Play: On

Turning it on can reduce your match waiting time by a good margin

  • Game DVR : Disabled

It’s really up to you

  • Kill Feed Type: Graphic

Frees up your display by taking up significantly less space on your screen.

  • Color Blind Mode: Normal

It depends on if you are color blind and what type you are.

  • Crosshair Color (Your choice)
On-Screen Button Hints Disabled
Network Debug Statistics Disabled
Compass Background Disabled
Default Firing Mode Auto
Auto Reload On
Auto Equip Attachments Enabled
Auto Equip Scopes Enabled
Auto Replace Attachments Off

Graphics settings

  • Field of View: 92

A high field of view can help you identify as many enemies as possible.

  • Brightness: Normal or higher

Higher is more useful

  • Universal Brightness for All Maps: Disabled

It’s best to customize each map individually.

Audio settings

Always set the listener level to a better step in audio settings

  • Master Volume: 100
  • Gameplay Volume: 100
  • UI Volume: 10
  • Music: Disabled

Wrapping Up

The configured settings are viewed as the best controller settings for the PUBG. You can further adjust these settings at your convenience. For the spirit of victory, of course, now with the help of better settings can emerge as a better player. So are you ready to fold your destination in PUBG? So let’s start now. If you want to know more about this setting, please let us know in the comments.

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