Geometry Dash Mod APK Download For Android

Geometry Dash Mod APK: In this modern era, people love to play games. Be It of any genre or on any platform, people love to play video games as it helps them to relax and enjoy their life. People love to play MORPG games, RPG games, fighting games, puzzle games, or any other game that is available on the internet or offline.

There are several benefits of playing video games such that it helps to alleviate tension and stress in the body. It also helps to keep the mind calm and maintain the mental health of the body. Plus, the main reason why people play games is that it keeps them energized. So today, we have brought you a game that will help you keep away all your problems easily. The game is called Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash Mod APK

Geometry Dash is a series of 5 games that were created by Swedish based developer Robert Topala. The game was manufactured under the company RobTop games which are headed by Robert Topala. The game is a rhythm-based platforming game that has several levels.

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The game initially had 21 levels which were designed by the developer, however later 40 million more levels were added to the games by various online players. There are several good things that one can point out from this game. Not only that, but this game is also unique and provides a platform for the users to show their imagination.

Name Geometry Dash
Android 5.1
Root Not Required
Version Latest


This is a game where in the main focus of the player is to avoid any kind of obstacle. It is a rhythm-based that focuses on the user to survive with time. The user can use jump, flip, and fly all they want; however, they must avoid all the obstacles to win all the levels.

Various levels are imbued in the game and the player can play any of the levels. Currently, there are 50 million levels that are present in this game. People can play any level and the main objective is to survive for as long as possible.

Levels of Geometry Dash Mod APK

The rhythm-based game has several levels in which people can play and gain experience and fun. The game initially has 21 levels out of which 18 levels are unlocked from the first. The rest 3 levels can be unlocked by playing the 18 levels and gaining experience and coins from the game. Geometry Dash Mod APK there is something known has secret coins and each level of the game has 3 coins.

The player needs to collect these 3 coins as later they would be used to unlock the three locked levels of the game. Also, the levels that are in the game are classified on the basis o their difficulties. As the person progresses, they encounter difficult levels and the game becomes more fun to play.

Practice mode

Practice mode is used to help the player become more proficient at playing the games. Playing the practice levels helps the player to become better at playing the games. Players can customize the practice level and set up more and more checkpoints. Checkpoints are random points in the game crossing that helps the person to respawn at those points.

Check points are good as they prevent the person from getting respawned at the starting position again and again. Practice mode has the same number of levels as the main game and the person can play any level they want. However, completing the practice match does not affect the main game. Practice levels are set up only for practice and nothing else.


Players can also buy some things from the in-game shop. To buy things from the shop, they would need what in-game is called mana orbs. Mana orbs help to buy the user various things and items from the game easily. The price of the various items or things are varied and one can buy them by collecting mana orbs in the game.

Another feature of the game

One of the noticeable features of this game is that the user can customize the level of the game and create their level. This feature is available in the paid version of the game. Millions of people have created their level thanks to this feature and added them to the game. You can create your level, download them, or upload them on the internet. People can then play and review your levels easily.

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