How to Fix There was a Problem Resetting Your PC Easily

Fix There was a problem resetting your PC: Sometimes we click on some files while working on the window which causes something to go wrong. This straightforward Windows 10 Auto Repair Wizard works and fixes this issue. If you still do not have such a solution, then you also have the option to reset the system.

In this case, resetting Windows 10 seems to be the best option to resolve the issue with software. But in the second line, if you encounter errors while resetting your computer. So what will happen? Attempting to restart Windows 10 may cause many users to encounter this type of error while trying to retry the computer like There was a problem resetting your PC. In today’s article we will look at some of the best ways to tire out this message.

Fix There was a problem resetting your PC

Step By Step Guide to Fix There was a problem resetting your PC Error Message in Windows 10

Through Startup Repair

  • First on your computer Windows 10 insert Installations disk or bootable usb. Then restart the computer And press the F8 button during boot.
  • Click on the Repair option on your computer on the Windows Setup screen.
  • Then on to the next page click on the ‘Troubleshoot‘ option.
  • In the next step you need to click on Startup Repair.
  • After that select the target operating system.
  • After all this process, Windows 10 will find the problems from your computer and fix them.

Run SFC Command

  • Click on the window icon and select the option ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.
  • On the Command Prompt Window, type in ‘sfc /scannow’And press the Enter key.
  • Wait to complete the scan. Restart your computer after the scan is complete.

Perform a System Restore

  • First of all Open Windows Search and type in System Restore.
  • Then click on the Create Restore Point option.
  • Click on the System Protection tab on System Protection.
  • In the next steps click on the ‘System Restore’ option And click Next on the next dialog box.
  • Select the desired recovery point and click the Next (Reinstall your system once restored).

Disable the REAgentC.exe

If you are still unable to configure your Endow 10 operating system then you need to disable the REAgentC.exe. For this open Command Prompt with administrative rights. To do this, right-click on the Start button and select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’. On the command prompt window, enter the given commands:

  • reagentc /disable
  • reagentc /enable
  • (By following the above command exit CMD and restart your system)

Final Words

So you can fix this problem by following the given simple methods. If you want to ask any more points about this, please guide us in the comments below. If you still can’t get out of this problem by following the given methods, you may want to follow a clean installation. To do this you need to make sure that all your important files are backed up.

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