Clix Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Sensitivity Setup 2021

Clix Fortnite Settings: Different name and different strategies but the only goal is to win this wonderful experience. Of course we also play to win our favorite game and our goal is to be an extraordinary player in any game. Is it as easy as we think? This is probably why we too can easily reach the level where clix reached with the help of proper strategies and brilliant settings. Who doesn’t know of Clix character in Fortnite? Let’s take a look at it. clix real name is Cody Conrod.

He is a Twitch Streamer & Fortnite PRO player. It’s definitely a great experience for any player to get a lot of unique wonderful experience in early age. The same is true with Cody Conrod, who has achieved a very unique position in the early age. Cody Conrod has qualified for the Fortnite World Cup more than 5 times as well as he is also a content creator on YouTube. Clix is from the United States and is currently playing for the team of Misfits. This great Fortnite player was born on January 7, 2005.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles about the settings of Bugha and Benjyfishy. Similarly, clix has also made name all over the world by winning many tournaments. Fans and players from all over the world are excited to learn about the Clix settings at Fortnite. That’s why the settings for Clix have been searched extensively on Google and YouTube. In today’s article we will try to find out about the settings of the Clix in Fortnite.

Clix settings for Mouse

The performance of the mouse in any game and its settings play a very important role. When you are able to easily adjust its settings. it will definitely boost  your performance. If we talk about the settings of the mouse, then clix has set DPI to 800.

If we talk about sensitivity x-axis sensitivity is set to 8.7 % while the y-axis sensitivity is set to 6.3%. The polling rate is set at 500 Hz. Now you all have to think about the sensitivity to be targeted then clix set it at 90. 9%.

Finally, the scope sensitivity was adjusted to 82.7%. These are all popular mouse settings that use Fortnight Pro player by clix. You can also boost your game performance like a clix with the help of these settings.

Clix Keybind Settings

keybinds offer a wide range of keys that you can set according to your convenience. Clix Fortnite binds are carefully selected which gives it the best performance every time. Clix Gaming Keyboard settings include the most important keys.

Clix sets the key F for wall, V for roof, and X for floor. For stairs, you need to press Q according to clix strategy. If you want to use this trap, you need to press T. Tools and weapons are also very important in the game when they have the right settings.

The harvesting tool is fixed to 1 plenty of time the weapon slot 1 is set to 2. Similarly, Weapon slots 2, 3, 4, and 5 are set on the 3, 4, 5, and 6 keys on the keypad, respectively.

Clix video & Game Settings

Starting with window mode then its full screen. The frame rate limit set is 240 FPS. 3D resolution is set to 100 is, while shadows and anti-aliasing must be turned off throughout the game. Clix believes in keeping the texture and effects in a low order as it increases the performance of the game.

Clix has set the brightness to 90% in Fortnite. These are the same video and game settings that the clix uses while playing Fortnite and I’m sure you can do your best in Fortnite by following the game’s settings.

Final Words

Of course, no one was knowing Clix, but he made a name for himself in gaming very quickly due to his superior strategy and excellent performance. You can also present yourself in Fortnite in the light of these settings and you can add your name to this list like these popular players.

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