Whatsapp Plus APK Download For Android {New Updated}

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications, behind the myriad of features offered, it turns out that this application still seems less powerful to some users, and there are even some features that its users don’t want. So it’s no wonder, nowadays there are many third-party applications or modifications called Mods from WhatsApp, one of which is called WhatsApp plus APK for Android.

WhatsApp Plus is a modified application from the original WhatsApp that is widely used. This modified application or Mod comes with additional functions and features from the original application.

WhatsApp Plus APK

The actual WhatsApp Plus Apk is a modification of the original WhatsApp, which uses the same system and the same core of the official application, but which includes dozens of features that make it completely customizable, being able to change a host of things that have to do with design.

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WhatsApp Plus, a third-party application that brings new features to WhatsApp Messenger, one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world,  what are its features, how to download it for Android? We will answer all the curious questions for you.

Unlike the classic version of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application that offers the features users want most. While providing users with opportunities such as theme customization and privacy, it also removes certain restrictions of the original version of WhatsApp Messenger.

It is not available in app stores such as the Google Play Store, as it is a third-party application and is developed completely independently of WhatsApp Messenger. Therefore, you need the Apk file of the third-party app. You can find the Apk link of the third party application in the rest of the article.

What is this application used for?

The main use of WhatsApp Plus mods is aimed at further customizing the chat and messaging application via internet connection. And, the public that can get the most out of it and use it is the one who is, in some way, dissatisfied with the same original app, but who continue to have it as their first option for communication with other people.

As for the improvements that the WhatsApp Plus app presents, as well as the aspects that have been optimized from the official software, you can appreciate the following.

Quality of Image

Different from the actual application, the Plus extension has the quality of downloading and sending images in their actuality form.

The interface

With this app, it is possible to adjust the size of the font, as well as its colors, totally to the user’s taste.

Themes in the app

Supports installing and applying a variety of themes, for more complete customization of the application.

Copy messages

Enables the possibility to copy only a fragment of the text and paste/send it as a message to the target contact.

Viewing the connection

Knowing the last connection time of contact, as well as its status, can be done directly from the. The profile image: it has a specific configuration to hide or hide the profile image.

Differences between WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

The main difference between the two applications is that it is possible to completely change the appearance of the interface of this social network. Different kinds of themes can be installed quickly and easily. They are completely free; the only thing is that we do not find them available in the Google Play store.

So we have to search the web for them, there are more than 700 themes for WhatsApp that can be chosen, all can be installed in the application without representing any problem.

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus Features

In essence, this application has almost the same features as the original WhatsApp, but with various enhancements that are not found in the official application. By using WhatsApp plus Mod Apk, users can change unique and exciting themes. Even the entire UI is customized and according to the wishes of its users. There are 700 themes available in it which you can use easily.

WhatsApp plus comes with more emoticons and even includes emoticons from Google Hangouts.

Able to Eliminate Online Status

This feature is usually sought after by WhatsApp mod users. Because this is the privacy of WA users, of course, the feature of hiding online status is one of the mainstay features.

Larger File Sharing

This app allows sharing files up to 50 MB, which is convenient for users.  Advanced file-sharing options are not present in the Native application.

Delete all unnecessary chats

With this feature, you can delete all unnecessary chats, delete chats, and all other extra things that you want to clean.

Automatic Reply

This feature is only available for WhatsApp Business Accounts, but WhatsApp Plus has presented this feature to make it easier for its users. So, using this feature you can set up and send auto-reply messages to the people you want.

Wide range of wallpapers

Another fantastic feature of this best app is its unlimited wallpapers.

Fonts and Styles

Everyone wants to maintain a different type of font style and with this feature, you can get a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and different font shapes.

Share HD Images and Videos in just a few seconds

This application allows users to share things in a way that is not supported by Official WhatsApp. It allows you to share HD quality images; videos longer than 30 seconds, video size 50 MB, and Audio size 100 MB.

Theme options

WhatsApp Messenger currently has two theme options, dark and normal mode. This application, on the other hand, provides users with a lot of variety in theme. You can choose a theme from the application’s theme store or customize the interface of the application.

File Sizes

This application allows you to transfer large files to your contacts by stretching the limitations set by the original version of the application.

Chat encryption

By adding encryption to your chats, you can prevent others from reading your private messages.

Who viewed my profile?

You can see who viewed your profile.

Removing Blue Tick 

In addition to removing the blue ticks that convey that messages have been read. You can block the transmission of information such as “Typing …” and “Saving …”

Extra emojis

This application allows you to use more emojis. To use the extra emojis provided by this application, the recipient must also use the same application, otherwise, the recipient cannot see the emojis you send.

Turn off your last seen

In the original version of WhatsApp Messenger, when you turn off your last seen, you cannot see the last seen time of others, but this app only closes you last seen, you can still see the last seen time of others.

WhatsApp Plus APK

How to install Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

Installing the Apk after downloading WhatsApp Plus is the next step. Doing so is easy and nothing is different from installing other third-party Apk.

  • Download Apk from the official website or the third party of WhatsApp plus Apk.
  • Go to your smartphone’s download folder and tap the Apk file.
  • Follow the on-screen installation steps and grant any permissions the app requests.
  • After the app is finished installing on your phone, open it, and sign in with your WhatsApp account. You’re good to go.


The customization options that WhatsApp + provides do not stop giving people something to talk about, especially because they are capable of destroying the functions that the original application makes us use obligatorily.

By installing WhatsApp plus Apk you can enjoy a much broader experience than the conventional application. Allowing you to chat with your friends in a personalized way and with extra tools that are a real gift. However, you must understand that using this application is not 100% safe from being banned. The best option is to use this application for additional cell phone numbers/cell phone numbers that have nothing to do with your main job.

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