Rocket League Settings: Best Sensitivity and Camera Settings

Rocket League Best Settings

In the Rocket League’s Settings section, you’ll need to set up each setting better. Some players don’t really enjoy the game experience. So in this case today we will tell you the exact settings that will really help you to successfully advance your experience.

Camera shake: Turning it off this option can further enhance your performance in the game, because it gives you a weird sense of humor.

Field of View: In the game you need to see the field easily. It is usually useful to have more than 100. So we recommend that you keep it up to 110.

Distance: Keeping the camera away from the car can make everything in the field look smaller. A good guide would be between 250 and 300.

Height: We recommend that you set it to 110, because a high camera allows you to look at the ball.

Angle: The recommendation of -3 is also very popular. So it can be a good choice.

Stiffness: 0.75 can be effective but players prefer to set it based on their personal preference.

Swivel Speed: How fast your camera moves when you move the correct analog stick. Therefore, according to our recommendations, 6.50 are good in this case.

Transition Speed: Placing in the middle ground is beneficial. 1.50 is a good choice.

Rocket League Video Settings

The video settings in Rocket League will definitely make a difference in your game. So you need to make the best choice in each section. The settings we deal with will definitely improve your performance.

Resolution: In the first resolution section you need to set the resolution according to your monitor.

Display Mode: You need to set this option to fullscreen. Frame rate drops are suspected by some players by placing them in other modes.

Vertical Sync: Turning it off is a priority for professional players.

Basic Settings Section

Anti-Aliasing: Some players keep it off, which makes them look a bit weird in the game. FXAA is less than perfect.

Render Quality: Always keep high quality. This will make everything clear to you.

Render Detail: In this section you can choose Custom.

Max FPS: Keeping it as long as possible is a good idea. We recommend taking you to 250.

Advanced Settings Section

Texture Detail: Always keep it high.

World Detail: Setting this option to Performance is a good choice. This is related for all grass / trees etc. around the field.

Particle Detail: Choose performance.

Note: You need to keep off the rest of the advanced settings options Except for the last option.

Control settings

The controller settings in the Rocket League will definitely make you more efficient in this game. The best controller bindings give you the opportunity to enjoy the game more.

Push to Talk: Unfortunately in this game you do not have the facility of voice chat. So with that in mind, you should uncheck this option.

Controller Vibration: Some players keep it on. When it comes to priorities for some so some players keep it off. So it’s entirely up to you.

Controller Deadzone: 0.05 = 5% to 0.15 = 15% can be good value.

Dodge Deadzone: Keeping it in the middle ground will definitely benefit you.

Steering Sensitivity: This is very sensitive to the analogue stick. Avoid raising it too high. Set it to 1.00.

Aerial Sensitivity: This applies when you are in the air. Setting up 1.4 can definitely be great.

Other Settings

Chat Settings: In the chat settings section, you can set your text chat to “Quick Chat”, “Team Only”, and “Team Only Quick Chat” or you can disable them all together.

Network Settings: There are three network settings. These are consisting of Client Send Rate, Server Send Rate, and Bandwidth Limit. All this should be set to the highest possible level for you to perform.

Rank Information Settings: You can choose to hide your divisions as well as, you can also hide Extra Mode playlists such as rumble, hoops, etc. You can choose them all.

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