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What is Fortnite Tracker

Fortnite Tracker is a tool that will keep a close eye on your game activity. Whether it’s your statistics or your performance, this gadget will monitor you from time to time. In Fortnite Battle Royal, up to 100 players can play in pairs or squads. It is a game in which players try to keep themselves alive. The game shines on the screen and refreshes the players about their actions.

Another interesting aspect of the game is its construction equipment. Players can build walls, barriers or barriers to protect themselves from fire. Each player has their own ranking criteria and of course you are allowed to decide which subdivision you need to improve.

Purpose of Fortnite Tracker

It’s a valuable addition to your gaming experience. Easily look at the statistics of the epic game. It only looks at wins, high scores, hit matches, matches and time played. You can easily see your own performance and the performance of others. We are in a position to easily say that Fortnite Tracker is the best to know who is the best and the best in the game.

Whats More in Fornite Tracker

 Stats v2

Stats play an important role in testing performance in any game. Similarly, when you are playing Fortnite, it is very important for you to watch the performance of your team. The latest version of Fortnite Tracker will help you with all this which is the stats v2.

This version will provide all the features that will help you improve your performance. Improve your skills in addition to better considering your strengths and weaknesses and of course the most important thing is to take the right steps to make your team win.


In leaderboard sections will get you to see the wonderful parts. Tracking your victory with ease will also help you in the case of enemy casualties.  Updates of current and previous tournaments and also the role of all players.  It also tells us about the rules of many events and the price pole. So you can review all the statistics of the previous tournaments on the go.

How to View Your Fortnite Stats?

  • First of all you need Log in to the game.
  • After that go to the Career tab at the top of your screen.
  • In the next step Go to the Profile tab at the bottom of your screen.
  • In the last part you will see your wins, hits, top 10 finishes, total matches played.

Final Summary

Are you ready to try something new and different experience? Download Fortnite Tracker now. With up-to-date leaderboards and stats updates a new experience awaits you. Get used to it instantly. Tracker makes it easy for you to use it on any device. If there is any problem in using it or downloading it so let us know in the comments section below So that we can guide you in this matter.

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