Fortnite Controller Settings, Sensitivity, Binds Best Ways to Succeed

Fortnite Controller Settings: Everyone wants to have the best experience in the game whether you’re a newcomer or playing a regular game. But sometimes it doesn’t seem as easy as we think. The unique strategy is definitely adopted every person but still we can’t make the place we are thinking of.

Is it really that difficult for us? The best control of any game as well as the settings is considered your success but what if we don’t know the best controls and the best settings in the game?

In such a situation, our experience will certainly not be the same as we might have thought. From start to finish, you can get a place in this game with the help of great settings. Whether you’re a PUBG player or Fortnite, the best settings can make you a better player in this game.

Even today, fornite popularity continues to grow as it did long ago. That’s why even today its settings have a place that probably no other game has. This is why many players are interested in knowing its settings which they considered an important part of his game which, of course, is true.

Playing Fortnite on the controller is also a great experience but you need to know the proper settings. Just like that when you talk about Fortnite on the console, or through the controller via the PC, you get all the details you need. Here PS5, PS4, Xbox Series the best Fortnet controller settings for Xbox One and Switch are the ones that we recommend based on our experiences. So let’s started.

Best Controller settings in Fortnite

Sensitivity settings consist entirely of your privacy. It also depends on how different your controller is from the other. First you need to think about the settings of the movement which you can choose:

  • Toggle Sprint: Off
  • Sprint By Default: On
  • Sprint Cancels Reloading: Off
  • Auto Open Doors: On

Combat section settings

  • Hold To Swap Pickup: Off
  • Toggle Targeting: Off
  • Mark Danger When Targeting: On
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons: Off
  • Auto Sort Consumables To Right: On

Building settings

  • Reset Building Choice: Off
  • Turbo Building: On
  • Confirm Edit On Release: On

Input settings

  • Controller Auto-Run: On
  • Build Immediately : On
  • Edit Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Vibration: Off

Best Controller sensitivity

  • Build mode sensitivity multiplier: 1.6x
  • Edit mode sensitivity multiplier: 1.6x
  • Use advanced options: On

Advanced look sensitivity

  • Look horizontal speed: 50 percent
  • Look vertical speed: 60 percent
  • Turning horizontal boost: Zero%
  • Turning vertical boost: Zero%
  • Turning boost ramp time: Zero%
  • Instant boost when building: On

ADS sensitivity

  • ADS (aim down sights) look horizontal speed: 17%
  • ADS look vertical speed: 17%
  • Aim down sights turning horizontal boost: Zero%
  • Aim down sights turning vertical boost: Zero%
  • ADS turning boost ramp time: Zero

Advanced – sensitivity

  • Look dampening time: 0.20 seconds
  • Look input curve: Exponential
  • Aim assist strength: 100%

Best Controller deadzone Setting

  • Move Stick Deadzone: 6%-12%
  • Look Stick Deadzone: 6%-12%

Foot controller

  • Enable foot controller: On
  • Foot controller dead zone: 1%
  • Foot controller max throttle: 50%

Fortnite Controller Settings

Best Controller keybinds Sensitivity

If you are a high level player then you can use a version of the Builder Pro controller layout. Alternatively, you can use the default Builder Pro layout. Builder PRO helps to feel the immediate building.

Best Combat controls Settings

  • LT: Aim down sights
  • LB: Previous weapon
  • RT: Attack / confirm
  • RB: Next weapon
  • D- Pad Up: Inventory
  • D- Pad Left: Place marker
  • D- Pad Right: Map
  • D- Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle : Toggle pickaxe
  • Square: Reload / interact
  • Circle / B Button: Switch mode
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Crouch
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map

Build controls

  • LT: Stair piece (select / place)
  • LB: Roof piece /select / place)
  • RT: Wall piece (select / place)
  • RB: Floor piece (select / place)
  • Direction Pad Up: Inventory
  • D- Pad Left: Change material
  • D- Pad Right: Map
  • D- Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle: Toggle pickaxe
  • Square: Trap picker / place / interact
  • Circle / B Button: Switch mode
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Rotate / repair / change trap
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map


  • LT: Unbound
  • LB: Unbound
  • RT: Select
  • RB: Unbound
  • D- Pad Up: Inventory
  • D- Pad Left: Unbound
  • D- Pad Right: Unbound
  • D- Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle / Y Button: Toggle pickaxe
  • Square / X Button: Unbound
  • Circle: Confirm
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Reset
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map

Final Thoughts

So by adopting the given settings and sensitivities, you too can become like PRO players. You can adjust these sensitivities by looking at your performance but in order to move in the right direction, you have to increase your gaming skills.

Because all of us adopt different strategies so our settings and sensitivities are definitely different. But it is also a fact that best controller sensitivity, settings, and binds configured   are useful for your overall gaming experience.

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